Friday, August 29, 2014

Here and Now - John Peel Session 11-08-78

Here And Now are sort of like Hawkwind but more Punky. Here is one song recorded for their lone Peel Session. Sound quality is excellent.


track list:
01. This Time


  1. Good to see this again, I have the full session if anyone is interested. I also have 100+ Here & Now shows for trade - drop me a line at Here & Now are still around (though with a much changed line-up) and are playing in Manchester in November and Liverpool the next month.

  2. I was just going to say the same, got the full session @320 and a ton more of H&N through the years. Cream of the crop is the original WAV tape used for the Planet Gong live album. And some info on this session:

    Here & Now - 1978.11.08 - Peel session

    Recorded 08/11/1978 - Here & Now
    TX - 16/11/1978

    Producer - Mike Robinson
    Engineer - Mike Robinson
    Studio - Maida Vale 4

    This Time
    What You See Is What You Are
    Oh My God Can Be So Hard We Tried And We Tried But Couldn't Find It (*)
    Chicken Marimba (*)

    "Just prior to the start of the tour they recorded a John Peel radio session following a chance encounter with him at an open air gig at Meanwhile Gardens. The Peel session captures the essence of Here & Now well. Two songs are from the “Give And Take” album and the ‘space punk’ style is much more in evidence than on the “Floating Anarchy” album, yet the importance of trying to capture the moment, the ‘here and now’, meant that two of the tracks (*) were jammed ‘there and then’ in the Maida Vale studios – much to the surprise of the BBC engineers".

    Drop me a comment here if you'd like the Planet Gong live tape ... cheers, Dave Sez.