Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bags - Club 88, Los Angeles 3-30-79

Here's another complete set by The Bags. This one has quite a few unreleased songs in it and there are keyboards on a few. It's an audience recording and has good sound quality.

01. title unknown
02. We Don't Need The English
03. 1,2,3
04. Babylonian Gorgon
05. Atomic Beach
06. Looking For You
07. title unknown
08. title unknown
09. In Love With Romance
10. Suffering
11. Animal Call
12. title unknown
13. Sanyo Theme
14. TV Dinner
15. We Will Bury You
16. Survive



  1. I downloaded it, ,but it doesn't open..any suggestions?

  2. I just tried it and it opened fine for me. So, try it again. Could be your computer settings or whatever program you are using if it doesn't open.

  3. to open compressed file you must have programme WinRar, you must install on computer this program and open file... :-)