Sunday, December 21, 2014

End Of Another Year!

It's the end of another year of blogging and this one was quite a good one for tracking down rare stuff. Thanks to all those who loaned me their old tapes so I could digitize them and thanks, also, to those who traded with me or sent stuff, in a sort of trade, for all they found on this blog. I also want to thank anyone and everyone who left a comment.

2015 should be another great year for the blog, too. I have about 2,000 shows, demos and radio sessions still to edit and a few more trades in the works.

I'm off the blog until mid-January but the next posts will be some Anarchy and 80s UK Punk from Karma Sutra, Symbol Of Freedom, Eddie's Tribe, Scum Dribblers, State Hate, God Told Me To Do It, Anti-Sect, Stalag 17, Stress, Blood & Roses, D&V, Annie Anxiety, Rubella Ballet, Honey Bane and Rudimentary Peni.

Also in the works are shows by Crucifix, Dicks, Toxic Reasons, D.R.I., No Thanks, United Mutations, Screamers, Birthday Party, Death In June, Lemon Kittens, Mark Stewart, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, I Refuse It, Society's Grudge, Destroy All Monsters, (Los Angeles) Dogs, Velvet Undeground, Minutemen and much more.

Happy Holidays!!
Happy New Year!!

All The Best in 2015!

P.S. I am, also, as always, looking to trade for more shows and am especially interested in trading for more obscure bands. I don't need 50 Black Flag, Buzzcocks or Joy Division shows but will consider what there is. I'm also interested in stuff that isn't readily available on the internet or doesn't show up too often and is not officially released. If you have something you think I might want send me an email, even if it is only one show.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Bat29, your blog is fantastic!

  2. I always enjoy your blog and very much looking forward to Honey Bane in the new year. All the best wishes!