Tuesday, September 22, 2015

M.D.C. - Live + Interview 1982-1983

M.D.C. are a classic American Hardcore band that released one classic album a a couple good ones after. All these recordings are from their classic era. The interview was conducted at a time just before their first album was released and the two live recordings are loaded with the songs from that album. The interview is from a radio broadcast and has very good sound quality. The live shows are both audience recordings. The Detroit show has the vocals low in the mix. The California show is the better of the two. Sound quality is good.

@ KPFK, Berkeley 1982: [from cassette tape]
01. Maximum Rock 'n' Roll interview

@ City Club, Detroit 5-01-83: [from cassette tape]
01. Dave Dictor Spoken intro
02. Multi Death Corporation
03. Corporate Deathburger
04. Greedy And Pathetic
05. Kill The Light
06. I Remember
07. Church And State
08. Business On Parade
09. Dead Cops-Americas So Straight
10. Radioactive Chocolate
11. No Place To Piss
12. Dick For Brains
13. Pay To Come Along
14. My Family Is A Little Weird
15. American Achievements
16. Kleptomaniac
17. Violent Rednecks
18. I Hate Work
19. Selfish Shit
20. John Wayne Was A Nazi
21. Born To Die
22. (R)Evolution In Rock
23. Chicken Squawk
24. Pecking Order
@ Perkins Palace, Pasadena CA 8-26-83: [from cassette tape]
01. Kill The Light
02. Church And State
03. Business On Parade
04. Dead Cops-Americas So Straight
05. I Remember
06. Greedy And Pathetic
07. Corporate Deathburger
08. I Hate Work
09. Multi Death Corporation
10. Dead Cops Freeform Jam
11. No Place To Piss
12. Radioactive Chocolate
13. Dick For Brains
14. American Achievements
15. Selfish Shit
16. Born To Die
17. John Wayne Was A Nazi

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