Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Toxic Reasons - Live 1983-1984

Toxic Reasons might be Dayton Ohio's best and only rock 'n' roll export to the world. Between 1980 and 1984 they released consistently great records and after also released good music until 1995. Both these shows catch them in their prime playing songs from their two classic albums. On the 1984 show they play one song from the next album to come and a Zero Boys cover. Both shows are audience recordings with the usual muddiness that is a hallmark of the boombox recordings of the time. Still good enough sound quality to make you wish you were there to witness.

Discography:  http://www.discogs.com/artist/317752-Toxic-Reasons
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HVA_JnZG8g

@ Cobb's Corner, Detroit 6-26-83: [from cassette tape]
01. Destroyer
02. Somebody Help Me
03. War Hero
04. Riot Squad
05. Mercenary
06. White Noise
07. Looking At The World
08. No Pity
09. Limited Nuclear War
10. Stairway To Heaven
11. Ghost Town
12. Jr's Friends
13. Drunk And Disorderly
14. Noise Boys
15. Rally Round The Flag, Boys
16. How Do You Feel

@ The Temple, Phoenix 2-25-84: [from cassette tape]
01. It's So Silly
02. No Pity
03. Limited Nuclear War
04. Jr's Friends
05. Mercenary
06. Stuck In A Rut
07. War Hero
08. Revolution
09. Looking At The World
10. How Do You Feel
11. Destroyer
12. God Bless America
13. High Time
14. Drunk And Disorderly


  1. Can't seem to download this one it goes to 1000% then nothing..

    1. I just tried it and it worked fine. Try it again. sometimes mega gets busy and can't complete.

  2. hi great site and some great stuff on here keep up the great work it's appreciated.the missing track title on the toxic reasons 1984 gig is how do you feel-Thanks-Podcarlisle-England

  3. Thanks a ton for posting these! The Detroit Show is quite good, especially with the funk version of Ghost Town, where they cover Funkadelic rules.