Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eddie & The Hotrods - U.S.A. 1981

The Chicago show is an audience recording and sound is good. The Mt. Vernon show is a radio broadcast and sound is very good.

@ Tuts, Chicago 1-17-81 (1st Set):
01. 96 Tears
02. Quit This Town
03. The Ties That Bind
04. Life On The Line
05. We Want Mine
06. Unfinished Business
07. Call It Quits
08. Another Party
09. Time Won't Let Me
10. On The Run

@ Tuts, Chicago 1-17-81 (2nd Set):
01.  Teenage Depression
02.  The Ties That Bind
03.  Wide Eyed Kids
04.  Life On The Line
05.  Call It Quits
06.  Do Anything You Wanna Do
07.  You Better Run
08.  Why Can't It Be
09.  This Is Today
10.  The Beginning Of The End
11.  Jumping Jack Flash

@ Left Bank, Mt Vernon NY 1-21-81: [from cassette tape]
01. Teenage Depression
02. Ties That Bind [Bruce Springsteen]
03. Wide Eyed Kids
04. We Want Mine [Crack The Sky]
05. Call It Quits
06. Unfinished Business
07. Time Won't Let Me [Outsiders]
08. Do Anything You Wanna Do
09. You Better Run [Young Rascals]
10. This Is Today [Max Bygrave]
11. The Beginning Of The End
12. Jumpin' Jack Flash [Rolling Stones]


  1. Great, thanks. Looking forward to Tuts 2 as well. Have you posted Mount Vernon before? Can't remember if I have this or not!

  2. Mt. Vernon before, yes, long time ago.