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Milk 'n' Cookies/Ian North's Radio/Neo - CBGB/Demos 1976-1977

Milk 'n' Cookies were a Power Pop band from New York City that released only one album. Their guitarist was Ian North. After Milk 'n Cookies split up in London at the end of 1976-beginning of 1977 Ian North formed Radio with Martin Gordon and Paul and Robert Simon. They recorded one demo in early 1977 before Martin Gordon left to form Radio Stars. North and the Simon brothers stayed together as a three piece and changed the name of the band to Neo and in October 1977 had two songs recorded for the Live At The Vortex album. Some of the songs on these demos made up part of the Neo setlist. I've also included the audio from the video linked to here which is a 1977 unreleased demo version of the song Tran-sister. That song was recorded by Ian North with a different line up in 1978 and released as a single. This demo version is much better. The live show is a good sounding audience recording and the demos all have very good sound.

Milk 'n' Cookies video here:
Neo video here:
Neo info here:
Simon brothers today:

Milk 'n' Cookies - CBGB, NYC 1976:
01. Chance To Play
02. Just A Kid
03. Little Lost And Innocent
04. On The Outs
05. The Last Letter
06. Local Talent
07. Broken Melody
08. Typically Teenage
09. Buy This Record
10. Not Enough Girls In The World
11. We Go On Dancing
12. Tinkertoy Tomorrow
13. Rivets
14. Girls And Gangs

Milk 'n' Cookies - 2nd Album Demos 1977:
01.Tinkertoy Tomorrow
02. Rivets By Radio
03. Our Only Night
04. Break It Up
05. Robots
06. Girls In Gangs
07. She Kills Me

Ian North's Radio - Island Records demos 1977:
01. Rivets By Radio
02. Girls In Gangs
03. Model's World
04. Uniform
05. Our Only Night
06. Bandstand
07. Break It Up

Neo - Demo 1977:
01. Tran-sister
02: She Kills Me

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  1. Hi!

    Great blog, will you be listing 'A failed pop song' by Neo-Ian North in the near future?
    It's the b-side to Tran-sister (released 1978') and there is a live version floating about.