Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heartbreakers - CBGB, NYC 7-25-75

This is an early Walter Lure gig recorded just a few weeks after he joined and it is an audience recording with good sound. 

01. Goin' Steady
02. Chinese Rocks
03. Pirate Love
04. Can't Keep My Eyes Off You
05. Flight
06. Hurt Me
07. Blank Generation
08. I Wanna Be Loved
09. New Pleasure


  1. Just a note of support - truly great blog, you're doing everyone a great service ... will wire beer money as soon as I can ... I think David Patrick Kelly is the guy from 'The Warriors' and Arnie's 'Commando' - he was playing Max's Kansas as a singer-songwriter type while punk raged all around ... Thanks a million once again

    1. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog.