Sunday, September 3, 2017

Lydia Lunch - Live 1981

13.13 were fronted by Lydia Lunch and the backing band were three members of the Los Angeles band The Weirdos. They released one LP on the Ruby label. This live show is one continuous piece of music played for 30 minutes. I added track marks but don't know if I added them at the correct spots. Can someone who likes the band figure it out? It's an audience recording with good sound quality. The Milan show is also an audience recording. The first song is a long instrumental. Does anyone know the song title? Sound quality is good.

Lydia Lunch & 13.13 - Club 57, N.Y. 1981: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. title unknown
06. title unknown
Lydia Lunch & Devil Dogs - Sala Della Provincia, Milan Italy 2-24-81: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. Twelve Year Old Boy
03. Racketeer’s Blues
04. Be Careful What You Do
05. It's Tight Like That
06. Snatch It Back and Hold It
07. He Fooled Me


  1. Can't believe you've got a Devil Dogs recording! Really looking forward to you posting this.

  2. Is Lunch ready yet?

  3. great!
    Thank you!!

  4. Thanks. One I didn't have. You can find 3 of the song titles here:
    (?/ Stares To Nowhere/ This Side Of Nowhere/ 3X3/ ?/ ?)
    If that site doesn't know the other 3 then no-one does!

    The site's a good Lydia Lunch resource.
    The Devil Dogs setlist is here for example:
    And that short 7 minute piece at the ULU is called Meat Meat Meat.

    1. Thanks. I did find that website with the song titles a few months ago. I tried to compare those songs from the album to the live tape but I couldn't figure out where one song ended and another began so don't know if I got the track marks in at the right places.

  5. The first recording here is not 13.13 at Irving Plaza 1981, but rather the December 18, 1981 gig from Einhoven, NL from "The Agony Is The Ecstacy" era tour, which came after Lydia fired 13.13 and went on tour with Murray Mitchell (guitar) and Kristian Hoffman (drums).


    Weasel Walter