Friday, September 22, 2017

New York Dolls - Yellow Balloon, Syracuse NY 9-28-74

Here's an audience recording by a legendary band. The nice surprise here is the playing of a new song titled Teenage News which was never properly recorded by The Dolls. Peter Jordan plays bass on this and Buddy Bowser plays sax. The aborted version of Trash happened because the electric shorted out. There is a bit of distortion during the first songs but sound quality is good.

01. Something Else
02. Looking For A Kiss
03. Who Are The Mystery Girls
04. Stranded In The Jungle
05. Pills
06. Personality Crisis
07. Puss'n' Boots
08. Trash [aborted]
09. Trash
10. Chatterbox
11. I Ain't Got No Home
12. It's Too Late [cut]
13. Teenage News
14. 32-20 Blues [Robert Johnson]
15. Back In The USA
16. I Don't Know Baby
17. Human Being


  1. Thank you for great show!!

  2. Thank you! There was a really distorted version of this going around. Nice to hear the whole thing. The band was a beautiful mess that night!

  3. Great stuff Bat29, lokking forward to The Ramones and Dead Boys ones.