Monday, May 20, 2013

Dictators - Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao Spain 2001

This is a soundboard or radio broadcast and the sound quality is excellent. Unfortunately track 2 is corrupt on my disc so the song is incomplete here.

01. The Party Starts Now
02. Master Race Rock
03. Avenue A
04. Baby, Let's Twist
05. Pussy and Money
06. Faster and Louder
07. The Minnesota Strip
08. The Next Big Thing
09. It's Alright
10. Burn Baby Burn
11. Who Will Save Rock and Roll
12. Dick introduces the Dictators
13. Channel Surfing
14. What's Up With That
15. New York, New York
16. I Am Right!


  1. Yo! I'm still waitin'!
    Dis is probably one of my most favorist eras of da Tators!
    Glad to see you'ze back in bizziness!

  2. Well werth da wait!

  3. Ross The Boss & Top Ten sure have the hot sauce on this one!
    Gracias mi amigo!