Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tanz Der Youth - Peel + Music Machine 1978

Here is Brian James' short lived post Damned band. They existed less than one year released only one single and recorded this Peel Session. This is from a recent radio re-broadcast and the sound quality is excellent.

@ John Peel Session 8-02-78:
01. I'm Sorry
02. Delay
03. Why I Die
04. Mistaken

@ Music Machine, London 8-10-78:
01. Intro
02. Blue Lights Flashing
03. Why I Die
04. Top Of The World
05. Delay
06. Torture Time
07. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
08. Neat Neat Neat
09. A Little Older
10. Polka Dot Shot
11. Mistaken
12. New Rose
13. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry


  1. Blast from the past seeing this. Saw them supporting Hawkwind (I think) probably in 78. Titus

    1. It's great that you got to see them. It's a shame the band never released an album as it would have been a great one.

  2. Any possibility to re-up the Peel and live TDY sets? This long-time fan would be very appreciative.