Sunday, May 12, 2013

Johnny Thunders - Irving Plaza, NYC 4-02-85

Here's another good sounding audience recording. Apparently Needles Nolan is playing drums, Frogman Henri is playing guitar and Walter sings on tracks 12-14. Does anyone know the titles for tracks 8 and 10?

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Pipeline
02. Blame It On Mom
03. Countdown Love
04. Little Bit Of Whore
05. M.I.A.
06. Just Another Girl
07. So Alone
08. title unknown
09. Green Onions
10. title unknown (acoustic) [aborted]
11. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (acoustic) [aborted]
12. Too Much Junkie Business
13. Born To Lose
14. Chinese Rocks
15. Gloria
16. Stepping Stone


  1. Track 8 is Cosa Nostra/Spoonful, track 10 is Joey Joey a Bob Dylan song that Johnny recorded on the Hurt Me record. At this show I believe it's Keith Yon on bass, Henri-Paul Tortosa on guitar, Johnny on guitar & vocals. I don't think it's Jerry Nolan on drums. Walter Lure comes up for the last few songs. Thanks for the post.
    Steve Krebs

  2. I was at two of these three "Homecoming" shows Thunders did at the Irving Plaza NYC in April of 1985.. I'm glad it's been archived for posterity. Keep up the great work!