Thursday, July 10, 2014

Avengers - Rehearsal Session with Steve Jones 10-10-78

Steve Jones doesn't play on this but he is sitting in the room recording this while they were rehearsing. Two days after this recording he produced 4 of their songs in a recording studio. There are three original songs and one cover here that have never been released. Sound quality is very good. From the tape collection of Red Rossi.

Avengers photos here:

track list:
01. Warm Up Jam
02. The American In Me
03. Open Your Eyes
04. No Martyr
05. White Nigger
06. Thin White Line
07. The Good The Bad And The Kowalskis
08. Night Ride
09. Desperation #1
10. Desperation #2
11. Flames Of Evil
12. Uh-Oh
13. Promised Land
14. C'mom Everybody
15. I Believe In Me


  1. Holy crap!
    I can't wait!

    [...desperately waits for a link, after clicking everywhere without success...]

  2. WOW!!! Can't wait to put my ears on this.