Friday, July 25, 2014

So You Think You're A Cowboy? - John Peel Session 7-23-83 (with members of Revillos/Rezillos)

This band is an offshoot of the Revillos/Rezillos. The drummer is Robbie Bain alias Angel Patterson, the singer is Annie Foy aka Babs (one of the Revettes - the Revillos back-up singers), and Tony Pilley plays Harmonica, Backing Vocals, Percussion and was the owner of Barclay Towers recording studio where both the Rezillos and Revillos recorded. The band only released one single and recorded this Peel Session. The music is pure old style American Country music. Sound quality is excellent.

Single and info here:
Info here:
Info here:

track list:
01. Don't Need You
02. Smoke Smoke Smoke
03. Poor John
04. Orange Blossum Special


  1. thanks. great blog.


  2. Robbie Bain and Ali(Angel Paterson) are not the same person people.