Friday, July 4, 2014

Dead Boys - Roundhouse, London 11-26-77

The Dead Boys played three nights at the Roundhouse in London while touring England with the Damned. This show is from one of those nights. It's an audience recording and the sound quality is good.

Info here:

01. Sonic Reducer
02. Caught With The Meat Your Mouth
03. Flame Thrower Love
04. Hey Little Girl
05. Ain't Nothin' To Do
06. I Won't Look Back
07. I Need Lunch
08. All This And More
09. What Love Is
10. Son Of Sam
11. Down In Flames
12. Search And Destroy
13. Sonic Reducer


  1. a lot of thanks!!!, more dead boys bootlegs please

  2. I attended this Dead Boys - The Damned Concert at the Roundhouse in London. I'm from Chicago and was in college on vacation with family.

    The Dead Boys opened for The Damned. Their performance was fully charged with great stagecraft. I really liked them without being very familiar.

    The Dead Boys were literally booed off stage. In the middle of the third or fourth song, Dead Boys were booed so harshly off stage that they quit their song in midstream and confronted the audience. Cheetah Chrome literally jumped off the stage and started fighting with the audience.

    The show was over for the Dead Boys. The Damned came out and were very well accepted. Their humor showed when they stopped in the middle of the third or fourth song.

    The Damned made an announcement "We jusst heard that Bruce Springsteen is dead"!

    The crowd had no reaction to this "breaking news". The Damned continued their show as if nothing was ever said, and the crowd reacted accordingly.

    After the concert, I found Stiv Bators from the Dead Boys sitting alone on one of the benches that lined the round concert hall. Stiv had his head in his hands. I approached Stiv Bators and told him that I thought the Dead Boys were having a great performance. Stiv moaned and groaned with his head in his hands and was almost crying. He said "It's been a disaster. The whole has been a disaster. I told him that the Dead Boys gave a great performance. Stiv Bators was inconsolable. I left him alone.