Monday, July 7, 2014

Sham 69/Crabs/Jerks/Mirrors - Vortex, London 1-03-78

Here are the complete recordings of the bands that played a gig at the Vortex Club in London on January 3, 1978. Much thanks to the person who recorded and preserved this night in history. For those of us who were not lucky enough to have been able to be there at least we can live it and re-live it aurally. All four sets are audience records and the sound quality is generally very good. I'd say the rare gem here is the Mirrors set. While I had the three sets from the other bands for many years, until this year I didn't know the Mirrors set was even recorded. Thanks to Red Rossi in Italy for providing it. They play both songs from their first single and the rest remain unreleased. There are several other gems in their set. Nine of the twelve songs in the Jerks set were officially released on their We Hate You CD put out in 2001 by Overground Records. Tracks 1,3 and 4 are the ones left off. Everyone should know the Crabs recording by now. I've posted it on this blog a few years ago but now it can be heard in the context of the gig at which it was recorded. And the Sham set is a nice early recording of the band. Unfortunately, my tape source was missing the last three songs so I've used a recording from Red Rossi. However, his was missing the last song but I have a poor quality cdr copy and have patched the last song onto his so that at least the show is complete.
Mirrors - Vortex, London 1-03-78:
01. She's A Risk
02. Vipers
03. Eat the lady
04. Jumpers
05. To Have And To Hold
06. Strip Lighting
07. Cure For Cancer
08. Nice Vice
09. 999
10. Hot Sauna
11. She Can't Run
12. Terrorists

Jerks - Vortex, London 1-03-78:
01. Back To Berlin
02. I'm Waiting For My Man
03. Dole Queue Boys
04. title unknown
05. You're Not Worth It (Jerk Off)
06. Hold My Hand
07. I'm So Bored With My School
08. We Hate You
09. More More More
10. Mummy's Little Darling Boy
11. Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me
12. California Sun

Crabs - Vortex, London  1-03-78:
01). Hawaii 5-0 + Dull Kid
02). Blue Unction
03). All Day & All Of The Night [Kinks]
04). Don’t Want Your Love
05). For Us
06). Under Pressure
07). Save My Skin
08). Victim
09). Wartime Memories
10). Lullabies Lie
11). You Really Got Me [Kinks]

Sham 69 - Vortex, London 1-03-78:
01. Red London
02. I Don't Wanna
03. George Davis Is Innocent
04. Rip Off
05. Family Life
06. Ulster
07. I'm A Man I'm A Boy
08. Hey Little Rich Boy
09. Borstal Breakout
10. They Don't Understand
11. It's Never Too late
12. Ulster
13. What Have We Got


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  4. As a SHAM 69 fan since the old days (but only up to Jimmy Pursey's great first solo album), let me just say THANK YOU!