Friday, January 16, 2015

Destroy All Monsters - Live 1977/1979

The Second Chance show features the line up with Niagara, Ron Asheton, Michael Davis, Cary Loren, Ben and Larry Miller. Ben Miller sings half these songs and Niagara the others. Different versions of most of these songs can be found on the 1974-1976 collection release or the Day Of Diamonds ep that was released in 1979. The version of November 22 is very different to the one that was released on the single. It has the same music but different lyrics and Ben Miller sings it. The CBGB show is only three songs of the whole show. These are all audience recordings with good sound quality.

@ Second Chance, Detroit 12-05-77:
01. title unknown
02. You're Gonna Die
03. I Want To Live
04. title unknown
05. I Love You But You're Dead
06. These Boots are Made For Walking
07. TH Queen
08. Dream Song
09. Vampire
10. There Is No End
11. November 22, 1963


@Phase III, Pittsburgh PA 5-04-79:
01. I'm Bored
02. These Boots Are Made For Walking
03. Jesus Is A Shotgun
04. Goin To Lou's
05. What Do I Get
06. You're Gonna Die
07. Meet The Creeper
08. No Fun
09. Life's A Shit
10. November 22, 1963
11. I Wanna Be Your Dog

"Life's A Shit"

@ CBGB's, New York, NY 11-01-79:
01. Meet The Creeper
02. You're Gonna Die
03. I Wanna Be Your Dog

"You're Gonna Die"

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  1. Couple of corrections on the 1977 recordings: Second Chance is actually in Ann Arbor, MI not Detroit. Also, that's not Ben Miller singing but rather Carey Loren. Apparently, there is video of this show too, but I haven't seen it.