Sunday, January 8, 2017

Conflict (US) - Live in Arizona 1982-1983

This tape has bunch or different live recordings by the hardcore band Conflict from Arizona. Many of the songs from their demo and 12" ep are here plus there are plenty of unreleased songs. All the recordings are audience recordings. Sound quality is good.


track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Done For Love
02. I Don't Kill
03. Alcohol & A Knife
04. Like A Wound
05. I Hate Your Guts
06. Slide
07. Blank
08. No Martyr
09. Reverse Crusade
10. Cookies
11. Tide Of Refugees
12. Right To Die
13. The Fall (Sharp Step)
14. Poison
15. Not Guilty
16. White Skin
17. Last Hour
18. Chronic
19. Human Cargo
20. Living Off Mom
21. Don't Listen To The News
22. Nails From The Sky
23. It's Easy

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