Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mummies - Boston 1990 + Peel Session 1994

The Mummies were a San Francisco band playing 60s style Garage Rock at the beginning of that revival. The Boston show is an audience recording with good sound quality. The Peel Session is from a radio broadcast and has excellent sound quality. Can anyone fill in the song titles?


@ Paradise, Boston 1990: [from cassette tape]
01. Route 66
02. High Heel Sneakers
03. Dirty Robber
04. That's Mighty Childish
05. Jezebel
06. That Girl
@ John Peel Session 3-13-94:
01. The Ballad Of Iron Eyes Cody
02. High Heel Sneakers
03. Just One More Dance
04. The Fly
05. Babba Diddy Baby


  1. GREAT.Really looking forward to this one.Thanks

  2. The Boston recording is awesome!

    Heres the best I could make of the tracklist:
    1. Route 66
    2. High Heel Sneakers
    3. Dirty Robber
    4. That's Mighty Childish
    5. Jezebel
    6. That Girl

    Thanks for uploading!

    1. Glad you are enjoying and thanks for figuring out the song titles!