Sunday, April 19, 2020

Johnnys - Tote Hotel, Melbourne Australia 1983

The Johnnys were a Psychobilly/Garage Rock/American Wild West style band. Their most famous member was the late Spencer P. Jones who later went on to play with Beasts Of Bourbon. The Johnnys started in early 1983 and before they had their first record out were the opening band for Iggy Pop's Australian tour that year. They were quite popular in Australia and New Zealand, releasing two studio albums and many singles before splitting up about 1991. This live show is an audience recording and the sound quality is good.

01. Rebel Yell
02. Bear Huggin' Lovin'
03. Ride A Rodeo
04. Got Love If You Want It
05. Frankie Avalon
06. Injun Joe
07. A Bit Of Loving
08. Going Down (With Rock And Roll)
09. Deadmen From Boot Hill
10. Holy Molly Rolly
11. King Of The Road
12. I Think You're Cute
13. Drinkin’ Wine (Spo-dee-o-dee)
14. Slip Slap Fishin'
15. Ten Outlaws
16. No Excusin' My Boozin'
17. Mountain Man
18. Happy Birthday
19. Way Of The West
20. Gringo

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