Thursday, April 23, 2020

Riptides - Metropole Hotel, Cremorne Australia 10-80

The Riptides were a Garage Punk Power Pop Surf band that started out in 1978 as The Numbers and released the classic KBD 7inch ep Sunset Strip. To avoid confusion with another Australian band with the same name they changed their band name to The Riptides. The band lasted until 1993 and along the way they released four singles, a 12inch ep and an LP. This live show was recorded through the soundboard and sound quality is excellent.


01. Kiss Nice
02. Rules Of Love
03. Day Has Gone
04. The Power Of Love
05. Holiday Time
06. Time Of My Life
07. Sunset Strip
08. Magic Castle
09. Keep It Up
10. Magic Moments
11. Tombs Of Gold
12. Lonely Old Sunday
13. Tomorrow's Tears
14. Eternal Flame
15. Shake It
16. Swept Away
17. She's My World
18. The Letter

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