Sunday, April 19, 2020

News - Bernhearts, Melbourne Australia 1979

The News started out as The Babeez and released one classic KBD Punk single in 1977 with Dowanna Love. In 1978 the band changed their name to The News released a further three 7inches. This must be an early show and I do question the year on this since they are only playing two songs from the Babeez single and nothing from the 1978 News single. The Tom Jones cover is interesting but the hit song for me is Nasty Nazi. I don't think most of the other songs have been officially released. It's an audience recording and sound quality is good.


01. title unknown
02. It's Not Unusual
03. All The Same
04. Don't Talk To Me
05. Dowanna Love
06. Nobody Wants Me
07. Two Double Jay
08. Punk Rock
09. Put In The Boot
10. Nasty Nazi
11. I Dont Wanna Socialise

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