Saturday, August 25, 2012

Anvil Bitch - Empire Rock Club Philadelphia 1985-1986

Anvil Bitch were another thrash metal band from Philadelphia who were around for a few years in the mid-1980s. They released only one album in 1986. 

some info here:

@ Empire Rock Club Philadelphia 6-09-85:
01. Ace Of Spades
02. Whiplash

@ Empire Rock Club, Philadelphia 1-23-86:
01. Lie Through Your Teeth
02. Neck Breaker
03. Vengeance of the Sword
04. To the Grave
05. Can't Argue With a Sick Mind
06. Time To Die
07. Fight For Your Life
08. Apostle of Hell
09. Ace of Spades
10. Anvil Bitch

@ Empire Rock Club, Philadelphia 5-22-86:
01. Dont Argue With A Sick Mind
02. Lie Through Your Teeth
03. Neckbreaker
04. Vengeance Of The Sword
05. To The Grave
06. Fight For Your Life
07. Time To Die
08. About Face
09. Apostle Of Hell
10. Maggot Infestation
11. Shark Attack
12. title unknown
13. Whiplash


  1. Hello, could you please re-up these shows? Also, would you happen to have either of the demos? Found some really cool stuff here like the Killing Joke shows, the Ramones shows, the New York Dolls shows, and the GG Allin interview.

  2. I think I have the demos somewhere.