Sunday, August 5, 2012

Red Rockers - San Francisco 1981/Dallas 1983

Here's two from New Orleans Red Rockers. The first show was recorded in their first album time period and the other was recorded during their second album period and is a little bit different in sound that the first. Both are either soundboard recordings or radio broadcast and the sound quality is excellent.

some info here:

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 4-05-81
01. Teenage Underground
02. Missing In Action
03. Peer Pressure
04. Grow Up
05. Guns Of Revolution

@ Agora Ballroom, Dallas Texas 6-04-83
01. Fanfare For Metropolis
02. Good As Gold
03. Dreams Fade Away
04. Folsom Prison Blues
05. Change The World Around
06. 'Til It All Falls Down
07. Shakin' All Over
08. China
09. Running Away From You
10. Home Is Where The War Is

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