Friday, August 31, 2012

Manitoba's Wild Kingdom - Fast Lane, Asbury Park NJ 8-29-90

The Dictators in disguise, as you may know. One original song here that didn't make the MWK album and the version of Stairway To Search and Destroy will fill you with shivers of joy. You need this! Audience recording, good sound quality.

01. The Party Starts Now
02. Had It Coming
03. Let's Get It On
04. Prototype
05. The Perfect High
06. The Next Big Thing
07. Search And Destroy
08. Faster And Louder
09. The Minnesota Strip
10. Haircut And Attitude
11. New York New York
12. Speedball
13. Fired Up
14. Shakin' All Over
15. Two Tub Man
16. DWI

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