Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alex Chilton - Feedback Concert 1979

Alex Chilton needs no introduction. This is either a radio broadcast or a soundboard recording and has very good sound quality. I don't think this is the complete show.

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Hey! Little Child
02. In The Street
03. Come On Down
04. The Letter
05. Rocket To The Moon
06. Once I Had A Car


  1. Thanks much for this. Had never heard 'Rocket' or 'Once' before. The show here ( seems to start with the same six (just another wrong name for the Kinks cover) but purports to be a year later and Toronto.

  2. Thanks Zack, without being able to dl the show from the other site it isn't possible to know if they are the same or not. Mine is a sb or radio broadcast and the first 30 seconds of mine are not completely ruined. Could be two different shows with the same setlist, too.

  3. Yeah, no worries. Where does the title 'Feedback Concert' come from, bat?