Sunday, January 27, 2013

Moving Targets - Boston 1985/1990

Moving Targets were from Boston Mass. They released several albums between 1986 and 1993. Both these shows are radio broadcasts and have very good sound quality. Can anyone fill in the unknown song titles?

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@ WERS, Boston 9-15-85: [from cassette tape]
01. Brave Noise
02. This World
03. Only Life Of Fun
04. Through the Door
05. title unknown
06. Coming Home
07. The Other Side
08. Underground
09. Always Calling
10. Let Me Know Why
11. 2500 Club
12. Travel Music
13. MTV
14. Faith
15. Less Than Gravity
16. Almost Certain/Drone
17. Urban Dub

@ WNBR, Boston 7-10-90: [from cassette tape]
01. Thin Line
02. Faith
03. Nothing Changes/Always Calling
04. Instrumental #3
05. In The Way
06. Overheard
07. Into The Forest
08. Through The Door
09. Lights
10. Fade


  1. What's the word on the WERS upload? Been looking forward to it for a while. Keep up the great job on the blog. Cheers!

  2. The word is that it will be a while until I can post a link for it. I have to move to a new place this week except I haven't found a new place yet so my stereo, computer and tapes are going into storage until I find a place. I can't tell you when I will be able to edit that show and post a link.

  3. Good to see you back. Can you please upload the WERS, Boston 9-15-85? Thanks.

  4. like above Brett , WERS would be good , but did the 1990 one ok.

  5. I was in Moving Targets. I would be happy to provide song titles and information.

  6. A big thank you to Bat29/Noise Addiction II for making these two live radio performances from the Moving Targets available. From what I've figured out the song titles for the WERS, Boston performance on September 9th 1985 are as follows:

    01 Brave Noise (live)
    02 This World (live)

    03 Only Life of Fun (live)
    *note: the lyrics are different from the track released on 'Fall' [1991], but the music is the same.

    04 Through the Door (live)
    05 [title unknown] (live)
    06 Coming Home (live)
    07 The Other Side (live)
    08 Underground (live)
    09 Always Calling (live)
    10 Let Me Know Why (live)

    11 2500 Club (live)
    *note: despite being preannounced as 'Travelling Music', track 11 is definitely '2500 Club' from the album 'Brave Noise' [1989].

    12 Travel Music (live)
    13 MTV (live)
    14 Faith (live)
    15 Less Than Gravity (live)
    16 Almost Certain/Drone (live)
    17 Urban Dub (live)

    (A Name You Can Trust)

  7. Great!! Thanks so much for all those song titles!