Monday, March 9, 2015

Bauhaus - Live 1980-1981 + Rejected Mixes

The Chicago show is a soundboard recording with very good sound quality. The Nottingham show is an audience recording with good sound quality and the Mask rejected mix is very good sound quality.

@ Space Place, Chicago 9-09-80: [from cassette tape]
01. Bela Lugosi's Dead
02. In The Flat Field
03. Boys
04. Telegram Sam
05. Watch Me - poem
06. A God In An Alcove
07. The Spy In The Cab
08. Scopes
09. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
10. Dancing
11. Stigmata Martyr
12. Chicago Is My Kind Of Town
13. Double Dare


@ Rock City, Nottingham 6-19-81: [from cassette tape]
01. The Spy In The Cab
02. In The Flat Field
03. Dancing
04. Poison Pen
05. Of Lillies And Remains
06. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
07. A God In An Alcove
08. Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
09. Muscle In Plastic
10. Kick In The Eye
11. Hollow Hills
12. The Passion of Lovers
13. Dark Entries


@ Rejected mix of Mask LP: [from cassette tape]
01. Muscle In Plastic
02. The Passion of Lovers
03. Hollow Hills
04. Dancing
05. The Man With X-Ray Eyes
06. Hair of The Dog
07. Of Lillies And Remains
08. Poison Pen
09. In Fear of Fear
10. Mask


  1. i love this site great toons always but the coming soons never come lol

  2. The coming soons always come. Gotta have patience. This blog ain't the only thing I do in life.

  3. A point well made, and a good thing too. Patiently waiting for the announced rejected Mask mix - sounds great! Cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. Trying to figure out the song titles for all the bands I am not into or familiar with is what takes the longest. Digitizing the tape - adding fade in/fade out, hiss reduction and track marks is the easy part.

  5. Great stuff lately! Any chance of a re-up on The Crowd?

  6. No chance for any re-up unless YOU want to pay the fee for an upgrade on Mega to Pro. The free version only allows so much space and I've got that nearly full with new stuff and still have over 1,000 new shows to up.

  7. Thanks for Bauhaus!
    In the tracklist for the Rejected Mask Mix there is one error - The Man with the X Ray Eyes is a different track,it has no resemblance lyric or musicwise and i didn't know it yet,but there must be somebody out there who knows better...

  8. You probably are right about that track title. It was the only song title left but I couldn't find a recording of The Man With The X Ray Eyes so wasn't able to compare and just guessed at it. If anyone knows the correct title send it in.

  9. Are the download links for the Bauhaus shows (Bauhaus - Live 1980-1981 + Rejected Mixes) gone or am I just not understanding where to look for them? Thanks.

    1. Hi-- Thanks for posting these great Bauhaus tracks. To answer the unanswered question (at least in the comments), the track listed as "The Man with X-Ray Eyes" is actually a track called "Earwax," which first appeared on the "Kick in the Eye (Searching for Satori) E.P." (1981).

  10. Such a shame that these rarities are ruined by being mp3 encoded, especially with Flac and bandwidth being so readily available.

    1. So far no one I have played a flac file next to an mp3 file for has been able to tell me the difference. Can you? These files I upload are basically all disposable music. Most won't even listen to them more than a few times. It's nice to hear them once but everyone moves on.

    2. These rarities are also not ruined. Everyone can listen to them and everyone can hear them. That's all that is needed. If the band cared about you and your listening habits they would officially release every recording of their band they could get their hands on, just as Fugazi has done with every recording of that band that has ever been made.