Monday, March 2, 2015

Squire - Venue, London 1980

One more Mod Revival band. This is a sound board recording and has very good sound quality.

01. Does Stephanie Know
02. Face Of Youth Today
03. I’ve Got You On My Mind
04. back In My Arms Again
05. I Know A Girl
06. My mind Goes Round In Circles
07. To keep Me Satisfied
08. B-A-B-Y Love
09. The Youth Of Today Are Gonna make It
10. Young idea
11. Sandy
12. Live Without her Love
13. Walking Down The Kings Road
14. Noonday Underground
15. Modern Love
16. Make Love To You
17. It’s A Mod Mod World
18. Walking Down The Kings Road
19. My Mind Goes Round In Circles

"Noonday Underground"

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