Saturday, March 7, 2015

Nervous Gender - Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles 8-79

This is an audience recordings with good sound quality. Can anyone fill in the song titles?

01. Jesus Clone (aka Confession)
02. My Marine Bobby
03. Miscarriage
04. What Can I Do?
05. Poets
06. Green Tile Floors
07. Diptheria
08. Diptheria
09. Scandinavion Delemia
10. Mommy's Chest
track 6


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  2. 1 - Jesus Clone (aka Confession)
    2 - My Marine Bobby
    3 - Miscarriage
    4 - What Can I Do?
    5 - Poets
    6 - Green Tile Floors
    7 - Diptheria
    8 - Diptheria
    9 - Scandinavion Delemia
    10 - Mommy's Chest

    Thanks for making this available
    Joe Z - Nervous Gender

  3. And thanks to Joe Z for trackisting this too!

  4. pretty sure that is my recording, because the tape flips on track 6.
    i also taped 4/26/82 Als Bar if you want a copy joe !

  5. What an amazing fine. I remember this night well.

  6. Thanks Joe Z for providing the song titles.

  7. das, Thanks for recording this show and preserving a great night in music history. Hope you don't mind if I have your recording on my blog. If you want to share that Al's Bar show I'd love to have it.

  8. Last summer I also posted Nervous Gender on KPFK:

  9. I would like to have the Jesus Clone lyrics but my english is not too good and I'm so useless I can't make out the words myself; some time ago I just found the lyrics on the net but they were incomplete so I wonder if any of you kind people around here could post the complete lyrics, please. Thanx in advance.