Thursday, July 16, 2015

Diodes - Toronto + San Francisco June 1980

 Canada had some great Punk bands back in the late 1970s and The Diodes were one of them. They were one of the first Punk bands in Toronto and helped get that scene going by opening the Crash 'n' Burn club. Between 1977 and 1982 they released 4 albums. Here are two radio broadcasts from the summer of 1980 that capture them in their prime. Sound quality is excellent on both. The Mab show is from the collection of Terry Hammer.

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@ Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto Canada 6-80: [from cassette tape]
01. Tennis (Again)
02. Rock It Over And Under
03. Shapes of Things to Come
04. That Was The Way It Was
05. China Doll
06. Coma
07. Photographs From Mars
08. Mercenary Flight
09. Edge Of Darkness
10. Terminal Rock
11. Lost In The Dark
12. Red Rubber Ball
13. Tired Of Waking Up Tired
14. Play With Fire

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 6-20-80:
01. Red Rubber Ball
02. That Was The Way It Was
03. China Doll
04. Teenage Nation
05. Edge Of Darkness
06. Tennis Again
07. Weekend
08. Terminal Rock
09. Child Star
10. Lost In The Dark
11. Cat Walker
12. Tired Of Waking Up Tired

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