Thursday, July 23, 2015

Honest Injun/D-Ploy/Porcelain Forehead/Unwarranted Trust - Glebe Community Center, Ottawa Canada 3-15-84

Here's four bands from Ottawa Canada recorded live in their hometown. I think Porcelain Forehead might be the most well known band of the four and I saw them once in New York City in December 1983 at an Anarchist Fest at a theater in the Lower East Side with False Prophets, Heart Attack, Virus and others. Unwarranted Trust have one song on the PEACE Comp. album, Honest Injun released an album of older recordings in 1986 and D-Ploy never released anything at all. The recordings from this show are not complete, there are a few songs from each band. I don't know if the person recording it intended to make a tape comp or was just recording bits and pieces of the bands because of only having one tape to record the whole show. These are audience recordings and the vocals are low in the mix but still good enough for a listen just to hear what was happening in Ottawa at the time. Can anyone help identify which recordings belong to which bands and add song titles?

Honest Injun info:
D-Ploy info:
Porcelain Forehead info:
Unwarranted Trust info:
Ottawa fanzine:

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Honest Injun - title unknown
02. Honest Injun - title unknown
03. Honest Injun - title unknown
04. Honest Injun - title unknown
05. D-Ploy - title unknown
06. Porcelain Forehead - title unknown
07. Porcelain Forehead - title unknown
08. Porcelain Forehead - title unknown
09. Porcelain Forehead - title unknown
10. Porcelain Forehead - title unknown
11. Porcelain Forehead - title unknown
12. Unwarranted Trust - title unknown
13. Unwarranted Trust - title unknown
14. Unwarranted Trust - title unknown
15. Unwarranted Trust - Annabella Square
16. Unwarranted Trust - title unknown
17. Unwarranted Trust - title unknown
18. Unwarranted Trust - title unknown
19. Unwarranted Trust - title unknown
20. Unwarranted Trust - title unknown


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