Thursday, July 16, 2015

D.O.A. - London England October 1981

Here's the classic Shithead/Rampage/Biscuits/Gregg line up tearing it up two times in London. Both shows are audience recordings and have good sound quality.

@ 100 Club, London 10-06-81:
01. Thirteen
02. The Enemy
03. Slumlord
04. 001 Losers' Club
05. No Way Out
06. Unknown
07. Get Out Of My Life
08. Rich Bitch
09. Let's Fuck
10. Fucked Up Ronnie
11. New Wave Sucks

@ Rock Garden, London 10-07-81:
01. Fucked Up Ronnie
02. The Enemy
03. 2 + 2
04. I Don't Give A Shit
05. My Old Man's A Bum
06. New Wave Sucks
07. Watcha Gonna Do
08. Get Out Of My Life
09. No Way Out
10. Rich Bitch
11. Let's Fuck
12. Unknown
13. Royal Police
14. Woke Up Screaming
15. Thirteen
16. The Prisoner
17. Nazi Training Camp
18. 001 Loser Club
19. Want Some Bondage

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  1. I was at this show/riot. I remember the commotion starting outside, then it was inside as the windows above were broken and people were climbing through. Cops came, Jello yelled 'trash this place' and threw down the mic. All hell broke loose, cops and fire engine were outside beating punks with billy clubs. these were the danger days. I remember getting to my grandma's house in Carson and watching it on the news (she was only a few minutes away) and she called us 'crazy'. I didn't remember DK's getting through many songs but that was a long long time ago. these new punks have no idea how scary it was back then.