Monday, July 20, 2015

Society's Grudge - Wellington's, Winnipeg Canada 12-15-83

 Society's Grudge were from Winnipeg Canada and had one cassette release in 1983 titled To Hell With Heroes before disappearing. In 1983 I bought the tape through an ad in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll and it became a favorite. Unfortunately, I lost that tape and have been trying to get another copy ever since. Recently I got this live recording of the band that has some of the songs on the tape and a few that didn't get released, as far as I know. There's almost nothing about them on the internet. This show is an audience recording and has good sound quality.


01. 1983
02. title unknown
03. Prisoners Of The Suburbs
04. Keep It To Yourself
05. To Hell With Heroes
06. Asylum
07. Society's Grudge Anthem
08. title unknown
09. No Friendly Faces
10. title unknown
11. title unknown
12. Socially Aware
13. Weekend Punks
14. This Program Is Brought To You By
15. Quick To Judge
16. New Generation
17. Lies For Greed
18. title unknown

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  1. Looking forward to listening to all this Canadian punk. I have always enjoyed a lot of Canadian bands over the years.


    Brian Guy