Monday, July 20, 2015

Subhumans - Winnipeg + Reno 1981

Here's two live recordings from 1981 by Canada's best. The Winnipeg show is a soundboard recording and has very good sound quality. The Reno show is an audience recording and the first four songs have a clicking sound through them, probaby from a bad cdr copy, and the sound quality is pretty rough.

@ Marion Hotel, Winnipeg Canada 5-02-81: [from cassette tape]
01. Firing Squad
02. Escalator To Hell
03. New Order
04. Out Of Line
05. Slave To My Dick
06. The Scheme
07. Model Of Stupidity
08. Greaser Boy
09. Urban Guerillas
10. 21st Century
11. Screwed Up
12. Behind The Smile
13. Let's Go Down To Hollywood

@ Duncan's Pub, Reno Nevada 10-25-81:
01. No Productivity
02. Moron Majority
03. Death To The Sickoids
04. Slave To My Dick
05. Screwed Up
06. Inquisition Day
07. Fuck You

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