Saturday, December 8, 2012

Buzzcocks - Drone Studio Sessions 2-13-91 to 4-24-91

Four of the songs from these sessions were released on the Alive Tonight ep. The line up is Shelley/Diggle/ Garvey/Joyce. Sound quality is very good.

info here:

01. Never Gonna Give It Up
02. Serious Crime
03. Dreaming
04. Last To Know
05. Run Away From Home
06. Tranquilizer
07. Alive Tonight
08. When Love Turns Around
09. Isolation
10. Successful Street
11. Who'll Help Me Forget
12. Why Compromise
13. Australia


  1. Is there any chance of re-uploading this one? The links seem broken. I didn't know there was another version of Run Away from Home other than the one on Chronology.

  2. Nevermind my last comment. I found it on soulseek. Infinite thanks for alerting me to its existence, though!

  3. Any chance of a repost? Thanks.