Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zeros (UK) - The Radio Fun Collection 1977-1979

Here's a collection of Zeros (UK) singles, sessions and demos collected all in one place just for the pure joy of being able to listening to all their stuff in one go. Their 1977 single is one of my favorite records ever and since they never gave us an album at least now it is possible to enjoy a bit of what could have been but never was. Sound quality is very good.

track list:
01. Hungry [single 1977]
02. Radio Fun [single 1977]
03. Hungry [John Peel Session 11-30-77]
04. Easy Way Out [John Peel Session 11-30-77]
05. Nice Girls [John Peel Session 11-30-77]
06. Solid State [John Peel Session 11-30-77]
07. Radio Fun [demo 1977]
08. What's Wrong With A Pop Group [split single 1979]
09. She Knows It [demo]
10. Romance [demo 1979]
11. Whenever [demo 1979]