Sunday, December 23, 2012

PragVec - John Peel Sessions 1978-1979

Here are two of the three Peels recorded by PragVec. Both are radio broadcasts with excellent sound quality.

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John Peel Session 8-23-78:
01. Nervous
02. Ruby
03. Stay
04. Bits

John Peel Session 1-29-79:
01. Hijack
02. Toast
03. The Follower
04. Expert


  1. Cheers for these Bat. And I hope your having a relaxing festive season.

  2. Thank you times infinity. It's wonderful to encounter this. I've been in rabid pursuit of any PragVEC that I can possibly find--what a stunning, stunning group. Do you have any idea of where I would find their third Peel Session?

  3. Thanks for your comment. I do not know where you can find their third Peel. I'm looking for it myself.

  4. Thank you for these. I really enjoy listening to them.


  5. I'm looking for the third prag VEC session myself - HOLY GRAIL ! I saw them 3 times in 1979 : supporting Magazine at Lincoln Drill Hall on 6th March, with Manicured Noise and The Monochrome Set on 10th July at Cleethorpes Winter Gardens, and at Leeds Futurama Festival on 8th September. All memorable gigs and I managed to chat to Sue and John briefly at two of the gigs.
    I have the album & e.p's on vinyl and the two sessions you already have. Nick Cash is on facebook so maybe it would be worth badgering him for a copy of the third.....?

  6. Seems everyone is after that third session. We'll have to wait until the BBC digs it out and plays it again, perhaps.

  7. Ahem well, after obtaining a copy of Ken Garner's book "In Session Tonight", I'm afraid it shows that there was no third session !
    I can't remember where I originally read that there was (outside of this page), but the book purports to list every Peel Session broadcast so, it doesn't exist.
    Sorry chaps !

  8. The website Keeping It Peel lists a third Peel Session:

    There are some other recordings that get passed around as Peel Sessions that don't appear in the book either by Bodysnatchers and Whitecats. I don't think that book is perfect. It's a great book and a great resource.

  9. You need Mr. Garner's revised edition, 'The Peel Sessions', which lists the third session and mentions it (p.282) as one he missed from the first volume.

  10. Many thranks!!!!! I didn't find these sessions on soulseek

    my youtube channel: fabiossh

  11. I Taped the third session will have to upload it soon