Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vic Godard and the Sexual Objects - Marc Riley Session 11-29-12

Here's the always excellent Vic Godard playing a recent radio session that features two new songs and two old ones. Sound quality is excellent.

track list:
01. (Oh Alright) Go On Then
02. -interview-
03. -interview-
04. Nobody's Scared
05. -interview-
06. Parallel Lines
07. -dj Marc Riley
08. -interview-
09. Better Not Turn On


  1. thanks,
    more vic and subway?

  2. Can never have too much Vic. Cheers, bat.

  3. I'll second that styreneboy, especially if it's something you haven't heard, cheers for this bat. I'll probably re-post the other Vibrators show from 1984, in the next few days/weeks if that's ok bat. I'm looking forward to the one from 1982, cos just like Vic, you can never have to much Vibrators, IMHO as the kids would say. All the best to ya bat.

  4. Thanks for comments.

    @Nuzz, Please re-post that other 1984 Vibrators show.

  5. Nice one bat! Cheers for this one

  6. Fantastic! The Sexual Objects are one of the most recent bands of Davy Henderson (Fire Engines, Win, etc.)