Saturday, March 31, 2018

Generation 13 - Demos + Live + Practice 1996-1997

Generation 13 were another band from Boyertown Pennsylvania that formed in 1995. Their first demo was recorded in early 1996 and passed around on cassette. Later in the year they recorded their second demo and passed that one around on cd-r. They also had two songs on the Rumors From The Air-Conditioned Tiger Pit compilation CD in 1996. In April 1997 the band briefly expanded into a five piece line up with the bass player moving to vocals and a new rhythm section added. The band slimmed back to a 4-piece and split up at the end of the Summer of 1997.


2nd Demo 1996:
01. What To Dream About Tomorrow
02. Checkmate
03. Hit The Ground
04. Alone With You
05. I'm Different From You
06. Silent Rain
07. Casualities Of Love
08. Get Your Shit Together
09. Don't Know

@ Gilbertsville Fire Hall, Gilbertsville PA 12-30-96: [from video tape]
01. Don't Know
02. Casualties Of Love
03. Hit The Ground
04. What To Dream About Tomorrow
05. Summertime Blues

@ Practice 4-10-97 + 4-17-97: [from cassette tape]
01. I'm Different From You
02. Casualties Of Love
03. Don't Know
04. Checkmate
05. Get Your Shit Together
06. All The Same
07. Anti-Social
08. What To Dream About Tomorrow
09. Some Other Time
10. World Of My Own
11. Alone With You
12. What We've Got

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