Saturday, March 31, 2018

Nobody's Favorite - Worse Than Live! (1984)

Nobody's Favorite were a hardcore band from Philadelphia. They're another band I saw a few times but don't have any info on. This tape is reviewed in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll issue 21. Tracks 1,5,9 and 11 were recorded on a 4-track recorder. The rest of the tracks were recorded on a boombox. This was the bands only release. Riled By A Nazi is my favorite song. Shame they never released it on a 7inch. Sound quality is very good.

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Hell House
02. I Dream Of Evel
03. Another Song
04. Only Way Out
05. Riled By A Nazi
06. G.I. Joe Was A Soldier
07. Missing In Action
08. Police Fun
09. Bite Your Head Off
10. Webwork
11. Life Is Always Life As Always
12. Zsa Zsa Gabor
13. Mall Rats
14. Christ Was A Commie
15. All About Ted
16. Thick Ankles Spoil Your Appearence
17. Our World
18. Warzone
19. Riled By A Nazi
20. Evel Jam


  1. Hi, my name is Dave and I was the voice of Nobody's Favorite. We did release a couple more home made tapes and recorded two tracks at an 8-track studio on Samson street that ended up on one of them.

    We broke up in 1986, but all but the guitar player Rob went on to form White Trash. Check out our 4 track stuff at freedomhasnobounds dot com.

    Rob went on to play in a couple of bands and is now the drummer for Decontrol. Our bass player John quit WT and joined Decontrol for a couple of years before his death. John was my brother and we wrote most of the songs for both NF and WT.

    I went on to play guitar and sing in Crash Happy.

    I too wish we had had a chance to do a 7 inch. I'm happy that you enjoyed our tape.

    1. Thanks for all the info about the band Dave. I didn't know there were more tapes.